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Gods and monsters need a place to call home too...

Hidden among the huddling masses and the waves of refugees lies a strange and sinister sight. Creatures from the olde world, searching for refuge and dreaming of new lives in Canada. But what will they find in the bustling cities and wild expanses? How will ancient beasts and archaic magic mix with a planet that left them far behind?

Inside this collection of paranormal short stories, you’ll explore the beasts and creatures that lurked in the shadows of the ancient cities and wilds of ages past. As they settle in Canada and embark on their new lives, you’ll witness their attempts to adapt to the new world they’ve been thrown into, struggling to adjust to life in a modern, magic-free world.

Imbued with magical realism and a passion for the paranormal, this wonderful collection by C.M.Hindmarsh is a must-read for fans of the supernatural. Grab your copy now!

Cover image by LoganArt from Pixabay

Intriguing and fascinating. 

Don't read it at night ( if you have a weak heart). This book should be packed into your backpack for all and any camping trips to be shared around a campfire and under a full moon.

Highly recommend it.

Brishkay Ahmed

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