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I have a few friends and family members that I wanted to surprise with paperback copies of 'The Forgotten' before the official release date May 01, 2020. It will be just like Christmas, I imagined, but not like normal Christmas' when you get sweaters and socks and bowling balls. The kind of Christmas where you get exactly what you wanted.

So I sign into my KDP account very much like jolly old Saint Nic, who is really the all father - Odin, and place my order. On the check out page I get an error message that is so generic it's useless. Could be a thousand different things including embarrassing underarm stains!

So I try again.

And again.

And again.

No joy!

I compose an email inquiry, much like Santa would, and send it off.

The next day I get an apologetic reply from some Dude at Amazon stating that due to covid-19 Amazon cannot fulfill paperback orders at this time.

I compose an email reply, much like Odin - the angry all father would, and send it off.

The next day I get an even more apologetic reply from someone relatively high on the food chain.

And that's where it sits.

One might think a customer satisfaction entity such as Amazon might have had the foresight to mention this to all their authors. The very same authors they make a hefty profit from.

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