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Beltane 2020

A few folks have asked me why I'm launching my book on May 01, 2020?

The simple answer is because that is a significant date in the pagan calendar, Beltane!

As my book is a mix of mythological and magical creatures come to life in modern Canada, the what better date to launch.

You may or may not know that the nasties of the world plan their ritual events at certain significant times in the calendar year, 9/11 being the most obvious example. So I thought I would choose a significant date to launch my book which I hope claims the opposite result. Not death and destruction like the nasties but an entertaining, fun and frightening read.

One of the cool aspects of traditional Beltane bonfires is renewal. Householders in the vicinity of the fires would douse their own hearth fires on Beltane and then relight them with the embers of the Beltane fire. I love that!

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