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Saved by fiver, twice

I love to figure out things for myself. My books and ebooks are no exception and I deruve a great deal of pride when I can conquer some beastie - especially a software beastie!

So imagine the grin on my face as I uploaded my book pdf to Amazon. The upload was successful and Amazon reported no issues. "Man, I'm great!" I gloated to myself. And then the grin turned into a frown as I checked my book over in the previewer. Everything looked great and then I realized that some of my chapter headings had magically jumped from the facing page(odd) to the back(even) page. "What the hell?" said I. In actuality my expletive was much stronger and would have made a construction worker weak at the knees!

In my word document, all was well. So I figured that things went astray in the conversion to pdf. A quicjk google search revealed that this was just a myriad of problems a mac user might face when walking down the dimly lit shadow filled path to pdf.

I tried it all! Different computers and versions of pdf but alas I could go no further. What to do? Pull my hair out? Too late for that.

My brother suggested . Hmm? Let some stranger have their strange way with my beloved manuscript! Well really, what option did I have? I needed to get things fixed and continue getting ready for May 01 - book launch day.

So I began my quest, querying sellers that had good ratings and good comments from people just like me. I got a few rejections at first but I dried my eyes and soldiered on.

One seller, eswarikamireddy, asked for the manuscript and offered me a custom gig which I thought was reasonable. So we shook virtual hands and off she went. 24 hours later I posted the corrected pdf to Amazon and it worked like a charm and everyone was where they should be. i was thrilled and quite pleased with this fiver thing!

The next day I uploaded my ebook which had no issues as well. I ran it through the previewer with that gloating smile illuminating each page. But once again my frown was turned upside down when I realized my TOC wasn't showing up in the 'go to' menu. Sigh

I tried everything and followed KDP advice and other authors advice and even kicked my software fro good measure. "Why you!" I screamed. But once again no dice.

Back to said seller who happily performed her magic once again and ebook works as it should,

Perhaps I just lucked onto a great seller on fiver but I highly recommend giving it a whirl especially if you don't want to end up with no hair like me!

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