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The Promotion Commotion

Now that the book is launched, at least the ebook, my focus turns to the promo plan.

If you think you can just slap your book on Amazon and wait for the royalties to start pouring

then you'll be waiting for a long, long time.

The competition is fierce and rising above the millions of authors vying for top spot is a challenge and a commitment.

If you have been reading this blog, probably just me and my dog - who's dead by the way, you'll know that I had put a few promotional ideas into play to coincide with the official launch date of May 01, 2020. I advertised on facebook and on google ads simultaneously and organized a launch party Q & A on the facebook.

I think it's a bit early to see any results from the ads. However, you can certainly reach a ton of people. Facebook for example reached over 100,000 people in one week and over a thoudand people clicked on the link. So I will wait and see if those clicks translate into sales, offers of marriage or people wanting to pay for my dogs funeral as he's starting to reek!

The live feed launch party went well - great in fact! It wasn't well attended though. A few people have given more some disturbing feedback about accessibility to the live feed. In short, there wasn't any. I would have thought that facebook would have made the live feed foolproof and that joining my feed would be a short click away. Sadly, this was not so and I will have to courier the remains of my dead dog to their head office, care of Mark Zuckerberg.

Next on the promotional agenda is to tweak my ads based on my results and run a few more campaigns until I get dialed into my greatest potential audience. I aslo need some reviews from someone other than my hair dresser and dog who is not saying much these days.

Have a great week.

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