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Two is not enough!

Last post, I was so pumped and excited that I could envision enough material for two novels instead of just one. Since then, I have channeled the wisdom of Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings and The hobbit movie franchises and decided it would be in my best interest to create a trilogy. In case you aren't up on your Peter Jackson knowledge, when he was about to pitch the studios to do one Lord of the Rings film, he had an epiphany to pitch a trilogy which they loved and signed on to.

Now, I don't equate myself and my skills with Peter Jackson but I don't deny I have talent and the where-with-all to pull it off either.

I sat myself down after the two novel idea and began plotting and planning the trilogy to see if it was feasible and if a plot and many plot lines could be sustained over that many books. And much to my delight, it was quite easy and kind of presented it self to me all on it's own. Much the same way, this first book is writing itself and the characters that want to be heard and read are stepping up for their day in the sun, or moonlit night or dreary mist covered cemetery at dusk.

You might think the idea of writing three novels instead of just one would be daunting. However, the opposite is true and I'm even more excited now than I was when I started writing.

If I write a blog post next week, claiming that I am extending the series to four books, then please stop me anyway you can! Drop an Acme anvil on my head from the top of an overpass! Replace my mouthwash with nitroglycerin! Make me a cup of tea but substitute my beloved lapsing souchong with red rose! (the horror, the horror!) Do anything to keep me from biting off more than I can chew!!!! Bless you in advance dear reader!

My writing is really moving along quite fast and the men and women, animals and mythical beings that are wanting their turn and their own chapter is crazy weird! But the good kind of weird! Thank goodness I have plot maps and a clear idea of where the journey needs to go and end, otherwise I'd be quite lost bu now. And what a wonderful position to be in. I always tell my scriptwriting students that once you know the skeleton and the beginning and end - then let the muse take you where it wants. You can always do course corrections during the edit!

That's it from me today. Thanks for reading and I will try to post more often. I find it hard to maintain a social media presence when I'm in the midst of writing. It takes up a great deal of time and would rather be writing. But I will try. Bye for now.

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