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Want to come to the Launch Party?

This Friday May 01, 2020 (Beltane for all you pagans) I will be hosting a Q & A launch party for The Forgotten on my facebook page

You are most welcome to attend as long as you like and follow me on facebook. I think it's going to be jolly good fun and who knows how deep or shallow we will get - it all depends on how much the audience interacts.

Admittedly, it would have been much more fun rejoicing together in a physical location but alas mainstream media has forced our hand.

I'm pretty open to topics though I would like to limit subjects to the book, self-publishing, writing, inspiration and so on. But then again who knows! It's never a wise idea in any creative pursuit to hold fast to your original plan but to flow like water.

I thought I might read an excerpt to liven things up midway through the hour. I may even wear my tinfoil hat!

Hope to see you there on friday. Or at least your texting during the party as only I get to be seen and heard live.

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