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We are so suspicious of one another these days. That new barista looks a bit shady and your new neighbour is up to no good - always in her garage, building something. And according to C.M.Hindmarsh, you should be vigilant!  But not for what you might think! And certainly not in reaction to the fear mongering media and ‘ everyone’s a terrorist ’ TV shows.

That barista smiles so slyly because he  knows that your cat isn’t lost at all. Fluffy hasn’t run away and is currently being broken down in said barista’s digestive tract. Your next door neighbour has been re-enforcing the garage roof trusses. Nothing suspicious about that. Now the trusses are load-bearing and up to code and can handle much more hanging weight. Car parts? A mountain bike? Maybe a deer?

We wear our masks to hide the truth. Perhaps it’s best they don’t come off.

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Creature eyes by Stefan Keller on Pixabay
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