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Reviews are 'as-is' and have not been edited for content, grammer or spelling.

Wow. This was a really great collection of tales of folklore. I enjoyed them because most involved myths or legends I had never heard before. The author tells a story that will creepy you out and is very much believable. The first one, being my favorite. I hope to read so much more by this author. Have recommended this book to all my horror loving friends in my Facebook groups, Insta, and Twitter.

Rachel D. NetGalley Reviewer

Dreamscapes manifest in reality and the veil of consciousness rips to reveal the Beyond in this collection of 13 wildly Speculative Fiction set in Canada, both urban enclaves and the untamed wild reaches, where Monsters,  Gods, and other entities survive and thrive.

Mallory Anne-Marie NetGalley Reviewer

Awesome collection of short stories!  While this is listed under "horror, it is not typical to what one imagines as horror. These are all much more clever than than that.   We find that monsters need to eat, like gifts, have empathy and want to help and sometimes want to take.  Sometimes monsters accept change, sometimes they resist.  I guess they're just like us.

My favorite story was probably Double Dog Dare.  This one was pure magic played on the face of a broken mirror. Brilliant!

If you're looking for blood, guts and axe wielding killers then keep looking.  If you're in the mood to feed your imagination then look no further than #TheForgotten by C.M. Hindmarsh   

Mary Gordon NetGalley Reviewer

On Halloween, I was just going to read one or two of the stories that day and read the rest the next day but I ended up reading the entire book because I was so into the short stories.

Each short stories are different and very much entertaining. I have never read anything like these short stories before.

I do highly recommend

I am giving this 5 out of 5,

Chantal Canadian Book Addict Reviewer

Wonderful story writing; fresh, crisply written, wry and sardonic where needed. He's able to invoke the feeling of mythology and mystery in every page. Seems to have lots of credible historical events rooted in most stories. Highly recommended ..

Eric GoodReads Reviewer

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