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Chaos Magick - I put a spell on you...

I've been devouring as many books as I can concerning the topic of Chaos Magick. I just finished Carl Abrahamsson' Occulture - The unseen forces that drive culture forward and I'm now into Hands-on Chaos Magic by Andrieh Vitimus. A fascinating subject and one not too many people are familiar with so here's a definition:

"Chaos magic is difficult to define because definitions are composed of common components. By definition, chaos magic has no common components. Chaos magic is about using whatever ideas and practices are helpful to you at the moment, even if they contradict the ideas and practices you used previously."

What is Chaos Magic by Catherine Beyer, August 13, 2018

Chaos magick is not fixed or governed like other modalities and perhaps anarchist magick would have been a more appropriate descriptor even though anarchic systems have some structure as well.

To me, the best example of Chaos Magick in fiction would be Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series. Main character Clary spontaneously creates her own new runes and sigils as needed and this is the essence of the magick.

Of course, non-fiction is rife with magical tales and magicians from the dark and light side in equal measure. It's been a while since I read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell but as I recall, that involved a battle between a Chaos Magician(magickian?) and a scholarly one. Granted it's a fictional work but Suzanna Clark must be in the know or perhaps she's a magician as well as a writer? Excellent book by the way!

Chaos magick has been practised since humans first started being humans and things really took off in the late 1800's and early 1900's - Alister Crowley being the most recognized from that time. But it wasn't until the late 1930's up until 1945 that we see chaos magick performed on a grand scale.

And goose-stepping into the spotlight at centre stage is of course the National Socialist German Workers Party. Yes, the Nazi's!

All decked out in their blackest finery with their death's head skulls and twin 'sig' runes. Just how far down the dark rabbit hole the Nazi's slithered - no one living - can say with any certainty. However, it had to be quite far considering Himmler's own personal occult advisor Karl Maria-Wiligut was on the payroll.

The big question is - were the Nazi's chaos magicians? Standing back at an objective distance of 6 feet (now 3) it seems amazing that such vile morality and ethics could rise to such great heights without help.

The Nazi's were all about symbolism and sigilism and their propaganda machine was unparalleled. Imagine seducing an entire nation into eliminating Jews, the Roma and homosexuals and feeling good about it and volunteering to do so.

Not only that, but the Allies knew exactly what they were doing in the concentration camps and hoped the Nazi's would at least share their findings after experimenting on the human inmates. (Isn't it interesting that in the 1940's the humans that were going to be experimented on didn't line up voluntarily but were forced at gun point. And here we are in 2021 and they line up like it's a right of passage - no guns, no coercion - just the promise of a Krispy Kreme donut or Samuel Adams beer! )

Anyway, back to magick and Nazi's. In Occulture, Abrahamsson points out that a magician must adhere to and respect balance and in the lecture 'The Economy of Magic' he uses the phrase, " You get, you give. You give, you get." So, in simplest terms, you can't do any serious magick without giving something to balance out what you want to get. To save a life, one would have to take a life for example. And it doesn't need to be species for species or energetic form for energetic form - as long as the scales balance.

So, how did the Nazi's balance the scales? To create a creature or entity or golem as powerful and influential as the Third Reich, must have cost an energetic fortune! It's really hard to grasp or fathom an energetic debt so large. However, the answer is very simple - mass sacrifice!

The figures differ depending on what source you use but from the Jewish Virtual Library I split the difference and came up with 6 million people, mostly Jews. Sure, there have been mass casualties in other wars and at other times but never the systematic sacrifice of 6 million people and all in a very few years. This incredible mass sacrifice and harvesting of energy was used to fuel the monstrosity of the Third Reich and magically brainwash nations into getting on board.

Just think of all the slogans the propaganda division spat out.

"We're all in this together."

"Stay home, Break the chain."

"Facts not fears."

"Stand together by not standing together."

What? Wait a minute, looks like a put those in the wrong place. Those are the 2021 mass sacrifice slogans. And I'll get to those shortly.

So, the animated golem of the Third Reich was able to steam roll across Europe fuelled by the energy release from Auschwitz and other such houses of horror and do so in a balanced state. By the same train of thought, the Nazi's began to lose the war when they over-extended and the balance shifted. They didn't give enough so they didn't get enough. And thank goodness for that.

Other historic large scale Chaos Magick sacrifices would include the slave trade, and yes I concur that the slave trade never ended, and since I am writing from Canada, the systematic genocide of the First Nations. I'm sure your own country is not exempt and I won't go into more examples just to keep this blog brief.

Which brings us up to date with the latest example of Chaos Magick on perhaps the grandest scale in the history of the world, covid-19. Whether or not a virus was released from a lab or is just naturally occurring is a moot point. It is interesting though, from a Vegas-style magic show perspective, that it was initially reported as coming from a bat to a human. Pretty funny but not inconceivable!

The small group of people, things or creatures that orchestrate the day to day, decade to decade and century to century goings on of the world always need a boogieman. It could be anything or anyone, as long as the people of the world are made afraid of it and can be coerced to fight against it. At our most primal level, we are lovers , not fighters. We have an innate desire to love and prop one another up and share when we have bounty and others do not. We like to work and live in social groups and when two groups infrequently come into conflict we would rather talk it out, compromise and go about our business. We'll except if your Irish, then the order is fist-fight, talk it out over a Guinness and then go about your business. My point is we learn to hate. We learn to de-humanize. We fear an unknown until we learn more about the unknown and once it's known the fear is gone. But we must learn about the feared unknown by ourselves - no one can do it for us. We have also learned to lie. Most of us do it multiple times everyday because as children we observed our parents, teachers, businesses and governments do it all the time - so therefore it must be okay. As time progresses, the work and effort of the Chaos Magician gets easier.

Their previous conjurings just didn't gain enough energy to accomplish their master plan. The war on drugs didn't pan out. The boogieman of Gaddafi and Bin Laden and Weapons of Mass Distraction didn't pan out even when they pulled out all the stops on 911. The small group of creatures keep trying though and it would seem they have finally succeeded - so far at least.

Covid-19 is the boogieman they have always wanted to conjure. And really it couldn't be easier.

Step One: The Magic - create a creature that's invisible.

No one can see it and no one knows that it's there. Perhaps the only people who could see it are the scientists with electron microscopes. So this time they have cleverly made sure that we, the people, can't find out about this boogieman on our own. So, we have to rely on information from someone else - someone who could be lying.

Step Two: The Magic -make sure the creature is insidious and worse than anything that's come before it.

Virus' and bacteria are what keep us alive and virus' are responsible for providing us with vital feedback from our ever-changing environment. By definition, a virus isn't alive, but rather a packet of information that our bodies choose to respond to or discard. They are our allies and we are not naturally at war with them. The whole concept and promotion of doing battle against this invisible creature reveals the ignorance and stupidity of those tasked and trusted with our health.

Since this new boogieman is invisible, they had to find a way to scare the crap out of us and make sure we realized just how out of control this created enemy virus is. Enter the PCR test, a test created to determine if your DNA is present at a crime scene and never intended or used before to detect a coronavirus. Pump up the numbers with a bogus test and make sure the media flood the airwaves.

Step Three: The Magic - propaganda.

It's very easy to manipulate the masses and if you want some background information on "how to" then I would suggest 'The Century of Self' video series which focus' on Edward Bernays.

When faced with a new unknown and the associated fear of that unknown - it's up to each and every one of you to find out all you can about the creature from an independent source of information not affiliated or influenced by someone or something that has a financial agenda or an agenda that might even be worse. The mainstream media is merely a propaganda device created to deceive and promote fear. Was there ever a time when mainstream media promoted and reported the truth? Sadly, I very much doubt it. Even fine respectable fatherly types like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather worked for share holders who paid for the commercials.

The mainstream media does not report the news nor does it investigate. Your favourite news anchor, that feels like a member of the family, is an actor who reads from a script. The entire news cast is a scripted show that is rehearsed before you watch it live. The script comes from the corporate shareholders who decide what gets written into the script and they are under no obligation to tell the truth. Shareholders want dividends not truth. Oh, I could go on and on.

Step Four: The Magic - dehumanize and in turn demonize.

This step is a bit less magical than the others, I admit, but an important piece of the puzzle. The only reason mask wearing has been mandated is to dehumanize us all and make the process of demonizing each other much easier and quicker. Masks don't keep you healthy, they make you sick, physically and mentally. The data and science on this has been around for decades. Masks and magic go hand in hand. Wearing a mask can give you a different identity and anonymity from actions you would never normally consider. Anyone whose viewpoint differs from the covid golem narrative can be vilified by the mask wearer. People who think everyone should have freedom of choice to do what they think right for their own bodies for example. It becomes much easier to create villains and scapegoats with mask anonymity because our humanity can't be seen under a mask. And there's the proven fact that prolonged mask wearing affects your cognitive ability. For any of you reading this blog that have to wear a mask for long periods - masks make you dumber!

Step Five: The piece de resistance - the magical weapon - the vaccine to repel said creature.

This is the 'You get, you give. You give, you get' principal used in an obviously and blatantly manipulative way. It's the proffered carrot just dangling out of reach. You inject this experimental magic potion into your veins and we will magically turn back time to what we once called normal. And here the magical potion is both metaphorical and real.

Intention is everything in magick. Tell the people that you have a magical potion that will protect them from the creature of covid-19, the creature that has ruined their lives, their normal. Offer the people a reward for taking the magical potion. Eliminate their unease by claiming it's safe and that anyone who claims otherwise is a nut job. Censor any and all dissenting and opposing opinions on social media and shutdown their channels on youtube.

Portray anyone with an opposing view, hesitancy and their common sense still in tact as less than human and someone who should be ostracized.

"We're all in this together."

"Stay home, Break the chain."

"Facts not fears."

"Stand together by not standing together."

Obviously, anyone not willing to inject the magical potion is not one of us. Job done!

But what about all this talk about human sacrifice?

Surely they're not going to rip hearts out at the top of a pyramid like the Aztecs of old?

No, nothing so crass.

It's the vaccine.

It doesn't matter which one because as they will all have the same effect - the genetic manipulation and re-writing of your innate immune system resulting in your reliance on vaccines and boosters for the rest of your life - unnatural as it now may be.

The important thing is, according to the creatures who run the world, is that the people getting vaccinated do so voluntarily. To reference the Aztec example, this is the equivalent of a warrior climbing up the pyramid steps and baring his breast to the priests holding the daggers. In modern times, the person gets in line at the local vaccine clinic and rolls up their sleeve - in essence surrendering their lives or sacrificing their lives. To a Chaos Magician - it's a boon that's served up on a silver platter.

Don't get me wrong - not all Chaos Magicians are into the dark side or sacrifices of blood.

It's all about balance.

If you haven't read 'Night Watch' by Sergei Lukyanenko then get reading. The light ones and the dark ones are definitely Chaos Magicians and although they constantly try and gain traction over the other - they must not break the balance of the dark and light.

So, does that mean that in the really, real world there is also a small group of entities that are trying to thwart the blood sacrifice of billions of people? Who knows? It's possible but as of yet they haven't made themselves or their actions known. If you have any information on that - please let me know.

I'm not going to get into the genetics(hint, hint) of how this blood sacrifice happens, but if you have done your own investigation and bypassed the censorship and company line and bias of social media and google, then the evidence begins to stack up. (like the bodies in a genuine pandemic)

And here's where the golem analogy really shines. By believing the government, mainstream media, health authorities and big pharma - the vaccinated and pro-lockdowners have given life to the unseen golem of covid-19. That's the nature of intention - if you believe that it is - it is!

That's the basic tenant of all magical work.

Now, here is the truly brilliant part. By getting vaccinated, you have voluntarily gifted your body and health to said creatures who rule the world. You have become a golem to be animated by them, not by you. And animated in a way that you no longer have control of because you gave it away. Oh, the horrible implications and repercussions!

I don't admire the Nazi's or the creatures who are performing this Chaos Magick symphony all over the world. It is however a masterstroke and impressive doesn't begin to describe it justly.

In their initial magical maneuver, they came to take control of your body. Next, they're coming for your property. Just wait and see.

And the end game?

We'll, who can say with certainty except the creatures that run the world.

A drastic reduction in the world's population? Complete Control? A stock market of sorts, where your body is the commodity and fluctuations in your behaviour is what the brokers bet on? All of the above?

"I put a spell on you - because you're mine."

Jay Hawkins/ Herb Slotkin

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