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Musings on Magic

Have you ever experienced a truly magical event? Someone performing magic? Of course, I'm not talking about some person in a smarmy velvet suit coat doing slight-of-hand with a deck of cards. Though, I admit, that certainly takes a great deal of skill and sure is fun.

I'm really talking about true magic, magic that taps into the natural energies all around us. The energies of nature, other worlds and the mind and spirit.

If you answered no, never! Or, that's impossible superstitious mumbo jumbo! Then there is a reason you haven't witnessed such things - you don't believe or at the very least you're not open to the possibility. Too bad for you as you are missing out on a great and wonderful life. And it might be fair to say that you are only living a small portion of your potential. But your reasons and how you live your life is your business and if it sounds like I'm being critical, I am not.

My nephew, at the wise old age of nine, has fierce debunking opinions already. Suffice it to say, that if Victor Frankenstein moved into the vacant castle at the end of the street, my nephew would be handing out torches and pitchforks. Odd that he is so vehemently anti-magic at such a young age as no one in his environment has any magical prejudice as far as I know. Must be from another life?

Which brings up my next talking point - where has all the magic gone? Short answer is, it hasn't gone anywhere. Magic is still all around us and in us, it's the belief in magic that has been clobbered out of us by white coated scientists wielding carnival sized mallets!

Science is our new religion and scientists the new Gods.

It would seem that if science can't explain it then it just doesn't exist.

Now, I'm not saying science doesn't have it's place or isn't important. I do take issue with the reliance on stubborn, traditional and outdated beliefs that scientists hold on to and refuse to acknowledge might be wrong. Take the tides of the oceans and the seas for example. Science holds on to the ridiculous and quite unscientific belief that the moon influences the tides of the earth's oceans via gravitational force.


A puny little body like the moon is exerting more gravitational force that the giant(in comparison) earth's gravitational force? Give me a break! Oh well, that's what we've always believed and God forbid we stick our professional necks out and risk ridicule and ostracism.

Anyone heard of some dude named Tesla?

I shall stop myself here, lest I go off on a jaunty rant.

But that's the crux of my musings today.

Magic exists if you are open to the possibility.

And magic is relative.

My idea of magic and your idea are probably quite different.

When and where I see magic is not the same time and place you will see it.

To be open to possibility, to live a life where nothing is impossible, now that is truly living. There is not just one crossroads to ponder in that life - there is an infinite number.

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