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The spirit works through me.

Really flying through the first half of the book and letting the characters take me on the journey they want to go on. And, of course, sticking to my outlines of where things need to go but not being too strict about it.

I'm writing about a lot of characters and creatures that I have not had first hand dealings. Instead of being a hinderance, this has been a boon.

As you may or may not know, I am a shaman, and therefore try and write about what I know.

I don't see things physically like some shamans do but feel and sense things and build images of these experiences in my mind, in real time. Yes, it is cool! And yes I live in an amazing world.

Anyway, there was a chapter I was working on recently in which the main character meets a sprite in the forest. Where else right! So, having never seen a sprite with my physical senses I asked spirit to help me out. As I wrote and imagined the scene playing out on my page, there she was or there she appeared. A sprite and she was nothing like any creature I had ever seen before or read about in the lore. Super cool!

Spirit working through me created a wonderful chapter and lead me to other creatures I knew little or nothing about in that same chapter. Freakin book is literally writing itself!!!!

That's it for now, a quick update as I promised. Bye for now.

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