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There is no thought of money here!

Since publishing my latest collection of short stories THE FORGOTTEN, I have joined a few forums and fartbook pages. I joined for a number of reasons. Writing, by it's very nature, is very isolating and I wanted to feel a sense of community - even if it's only virtual. I also like to help other creatives whenever I can and have the time with questions and opinions though I do not profess to be an expert by any means. And lastly to flog my collection of short stories, THE FORGOTTEN. There, I admit my unabashed self-promotion.

And in those forums and pages I see some rather curious patterns arising over and over again.

Someone will post something like, "I haven't written a single word yet but was wondering if I'd make more money publishing and distributing with blah, blah?"

One chap wondered, "if I keep getting negative reviews and am not making any money - should I pack it in?" This post really got my attention so I replied(because I'm an expert) and asked him just what his motivation for writing was and that money wasn't a very good one. Dear oh dear, did I get a lot of flack for that! The nerve of little ole me, defaming the money God right there on the internet! Well, after I was thoroughly spat and pissed on by the experts on said sites - I had a shower, brewed up some lapsang souchong and sat all alone crying and listening to Morrissey!

Thoroughly caffeinated and all cried out, I began to think about one's motivation for writing and in particular - mine!

Please don't strike me down, oh so cruel God of money, but you are the last thing that would motivate me to write creatively. The very thought repulses me!

If your goal, from the get go, is to make money through your writing then go to school and become a technical writer. There are many directions you can go in and lots and lots of money to go around.

So then, what would be the first thing?

Easy! The need to express myself through the creative outlet of writing.

Perhaps I've seen some interesting news on fartbook that has sparked my creative lightning rod. Perhaps I saw a picture from a far away land that stirred a memory from a different timeline. Perhaps I saw the pandemic as nothing more than a magicians slight-of-hand and wondered what the magician's other hand was up to.

The point is, that my first and most important motivation to write is that I need to express myself and the only way I know or want to express it is through creative writing. It can be personal, it can political, it can be a crazy idea you've carried around in your head for years and finally you found the catalyst to marry your crazy idea to a story.

There is no thought of money here!

Or perhaps you are fed up! How many writers are busily cranking out pages about covid or police violence or the global pedophilia epidemic that no one seems to give a toss about.

You see, why I'm getting worked up right now thinking about new plots!

There is no thought of money here!

Now, your motivation and mine are probably quite different.

If your motivation is to make money, then in my non-expert opinion, you are screwed before you even put pen to paper. Don't get me wrong I like money, It's a valuable tool that creates opportunity. But it's a terrible motivational tool.

Write for yourself. Write because you want to and write because you have something to say.

Write for the spectacular joy of creating something! Never stop writing and always, always, always strive to become a better writer. Find your unique voice and sing damn it!

But sing for the joy of singing not some fanciful ideal that your going to write a book and be a huge success! It could happen but statistics, spreadsheets and common sense says no. I will be the first to congratulate you if you make it big and I wish you good luck.

Write because you have a voice and you have the desire to share it.

There is no thought of money here!

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