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Zombies - harbingers from the future

Don't worry, this isn't another boring blog post about the origin of zombies. Nor is it a post on how to re-invent the genre to sell more books. I mean, really, is there any genre that zombie writers haven't exploited? If I hear about another book about another zombie that's cuddly and adorable and just wants to be human again - I may just re-animate my lunch!

Where did it all go wrong? Zombies used to have deep political and moral roots, metaphors for the ills and perils of society. From a 17th century slave's fear of eternal damnation to the cute crime solving, brain munching IZombie of tv fame - it's taken a decidedly downward curve.

However, there have been a few highlights.

Wade Davis' 'Serpent and the Rainbow' was and is one of my favourites. Not only did it scare the crap out of me but it was based on some scientific truth and based in Haiti - supposedly the ground zero of the zombie legends.

Honourable mention also goes to Richard Matheson's 'I am Legend', Max Brooks 'World War Z' and the delightful M.R. Carey's 'Girl with all the gifts'. And yes, 'Get Out!' the film was a return to social/racial commentary but was not adapted from a book so I won't sing its praises in this blog.

Many monsters are deeply rooted in our human past and deeply rooted in our psyche. Vampires and werewolves, for example, go way back historically and that's probably the reason we can't seem to get enough of them. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on the next vampire horror novel - it's a genre I never get tired of.

But zombies or undead if you will, don't have the same historic reach even though slavery has probably been a thing from the beginning - perhaps even before we were homo sapiens.

The reason and focus of today's blog is my premise that 'The Undead' are not from our past but from our future.

Time is a funny thing.

Some people, let's say the scientifically minded Newtonian types, believe that time moves in a linear direction. Past, present and future.

That view is very primitive and not very evolved. That view was probably invented so that the scientifically minded Newtonian types could breathe a sigh of relief as they proved, via linear time, that they did in fact, exist.

Those poor un-evolved bastards!

Enlightened, incredibly intelligent, creative beings like yours truly believe that time exists in one moment. The descriptors past, present and future are all occurring now. There really isn't past-life regression. There is a realization of myself in another timeline and in different circumstances. Imagine books stacked one on top of the other and you can imagine this moment.

Now, to be fair, there may be a few factors at work that keep all of our heads screwed on the right way. Being aware of the infinite numbers of timelines we experience in that one moment would be mind-blowing! I doubt that any one of us would have the ability to stay sane and whole during such an epiphany. So, we may be hard wired somehow to only experience one timeline at a time. And maybe we only have this restriction while on earth. The earth after all is a very strange place and I doubt there is another place like it.

But I digress.

Back to the future! (yes that was clever!)

Could the idea or reality of The Undead be burned into our DNA and our collective memories - so to speak? Deep down inside, do we instinctually know that the 'future' is the future of The Undead.

Obviously, I think this is true. This is one or the only time we know what's coming next and it scares the crap out of us. It would certainly explain the marriage of dystopia and humans that walk the earth - not quite dead but not really alive - that fills the pages of todays books and lights up the TV and movie screens. You can't really swing a politician(I like cats) without hitting something relating to zombies. They're everywhere!

So, then, what does the future hold and how do we get there?

Perhaps The Undead are already here.

I know I'll be showing my age when I say, young people these days are The Undead of the present. Not all of them of course - a few are aware and awake - but for the most part young people have interfaced with their devices. I'm not saying it's bad or good, I'm commenting as an observer. Personally, I can't stand using a cellphone for anything but text and actually calling someone. I don't like the idea of being available 24/7 or the fact that the government and it's corporate masters know where I am all the time and what kind of tea I ordered at the cafe.

But the young and undead don't seem to mind at all. You've all seen the pictures of groups of young people absorbed in their phones while something amazing is happening all around them and they seem oblivious. Or the one's where people walk while texting etc. and walk into hydro poles and pillars - pretty funny! lol

And there is scientific evidence that extended cellphone use has cancerous consequences and must on some level affect brain chemistry. So not only is being constantly online - mind numbing - the device itself may be accelerating the zombification.

While it's fun to poke fun at the young and undead, I really don't think this is the main message from our collective futures.

How we get to our undead future is happening now in our earthly experience of 'present'.

In many zombie tales, a scientific experiment gone wrong or an intentionally mutated strain of pathogen enters the environment and in very short order, most of the world's population is wiped out. Anyone left alive, has to fend off The Undead and The Undead are usually infectious. Good fun!

The current covid-19 pandemic(or plandemic) could shed light on why we know about The Undead from our genetic future memories. But please don't read this blog with dread. I do not want to add to the disgusting fear mongering of the mainstream media(deadstream media) who, in a more just world, would be on trial for crimes against humanity. And again, in my personal opinion, I don't see this coronavirus being the end of the world. But when I think about the current flu season and the governments over-the-top reaction, then the metaphorical Undead apocalypse becomes apparent.

Now, let's not kid ourselves, we all know that in every post apocalyptic story - it's the governments fault! So, let me start with the government. And I'm not singling out a specific government. Globally, they all seem to reacting the same way with very few exceptions. Sweden, of course, being one such abstainer and really can the Swedes do anything wrong with their scandalous Scandinavian good looks and common sense? Zlatan would say, "NO!"

The governments agenda seems to be focused on the dehumanization of the global population and not fighting a virus.

Social distancing is designed to keep us from socializing. Mask wearing is designed to remove all facial social clues and to remove our physical and personal individuality. Fartbook, twitter, youtube etc. have all adopted a Draconian censorship of anything that contradicts the virus narrative no matter how credible the information source may be. And in so doing, opinions, views and news have been homogenized to such an extreme degree that anyone with a differing view is ostracized. And not ostracized by the government but by his or her fellow man. The Governments must be laughing their asses off as the sheep have become the sheep dogs.

The Undead go about their day on autopilot. They don't socialize. They don't speak to one another. They've lost all sense of individuality and what it is to be human. When they see someone who is different, someone not undead, they try and turn them. And how do they turn them?

They eat their brains or infect them!

So, what other clues from the present might be the reason we have a future memory of The Undead?

In every good zombie story, there is always mention of the cure. The cure usually comes in the form of a vaccine and it's usually in short supply, very difficult to get your hands on and being controlled by either a black market war lord or you guessed it - the government.

Not so in my example, because my example isn't fiction.

The opposite is true in the world we live in today where governments team up with corporations and high profile software investors that have absolutely zero scientific credentials. (talk about a black market war lord!)

Governments of the 'present' would have you believe 'the cure' is right around the corner and from many different companies. There will be no scarcity as the same governments have ordered millions upon millions of doses of this fast-tracked untested miracle cure that has been developed over a matter of months rather than the usual decades.

The truth is way more entertaining than a fictional novel or short story.

The vaccine being developed uses RNA - something never before attempted in the history of vaccines. Is that an alarm bell going off?

The experts, who toe the company line, try and re-assure us that RNA has no effect on our DNA and flaunt the papers - they claim back it up. But that's just the government/corporate company line. In the January edition of Nature Genetics, the paper entitled 'm6A RNA modification as a new player in R-loop regulation' has the opposite view.

" it has now been revealed that RNA has a direct effect on DNA stability, according to Professor Klungland's research." from

BTW, I found that article in exactly 2 minutes while searching on an alternative search engine rather than the agenda-ized google. There are hundreds, if not thousands of doctors, scientists and researchers with compelling evidence against an RNA vaccine but you will never find that information in the mainstream.


I hope by now you've clued in that what the government is selling - has nothing to do with reducing the effects of a seasonal coronavirus. This miracle cure has the potential to change your DNA and therefore change you. Do they want to turn you into a zombie, The Undead?

In a matter or speaking, yes.

Let's go back to 17th century Haiti and the legend that 'bokors' (Vodou witches) could re-animate a corpse and make it do anything the bokor commanded.

Today's bokor is the corporate controlled governments of the world. They want to use their black magic(coronavirus vaccine) to zombify and subjugate us to submit to their every whim. They want to dehumanize us to the point we are no longer self-aware and have lost the ability to reason - walking and breathing automatons. In short, they want COMPLETE CONTROL.

And in every good zombie story, there is a massive die-off.

If it normally takes 7 to 20 years to develop, test and do trials on the safety of a new vaccine then what hell will be unleashed from a vaccine that's been in the works for a few months?

The stage has been set for an Undead dystopic future of epic proportions.

I guess fact really is stranger than fiction.

There have been claims by the non-mainstream media and the deadstream that other elements may be added to the vaccine like nano technology. Of course the deadstream claims it's just for tracking and to fix future medical problems in the future. While the non-mainstream would suggest far more nefarious intent.

I don't give a rat's ass if you believe me or not. I'm not here to convince you of anything. I am here to voice my opinion, entertain you and perhaps inspire you.

Do I welcome an Undead future?

Not at all. I hope that the people of the world will awaken to the lies and deceit of governments we don't need. I am confident that you and I are more than capable of governing ourselves and creating a world of equality, creativity and responsibility.

The 'future' isn't written in stone nor is the 'present' or the 'past'.

One thing I feel we need to emulate from The Undead is the ability to rise up. It's time to push back and it's time to push back now. It's the creative visionaries of the world that always lead the charge in times of great change.

You have to decide which way you want to go.

Will you look back fondly, remembering when you saw through the Great Distraction and helped in the creation of a wonderful new world?

Or will you look at me longingly and groan, "brains."

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