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7 Freakin Days

One week from today, 'The Forgotten' goes live on Amazon. The ebook that is.

What a glorious and miserable experience it's been thus far soo to culminate in the official launch and the accolades to follow. One can only hope.

As my brother so aptly put recently, I've stepped on all the mine fields along the way. Just this past week, I've spent hours upon hours on the phone with facebook help etc trying to fix dead links as a result of Amazon's covid-19 shipping policy(see past blogs for the sordid details)

However, when I think of all the hard lessons I've learned and the why's and why nots of self publishing - it's been worth it. To be honest it doesn't feel that way right now but in the future I have all that knowledge in my medicine bag. Right now, if I could I would spend three months in a remote getaway in Thailand and not speak to anyone, interact with anyone - just relax, play outside and day dream.

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